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Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

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By Crypto Li Many digital currencies experienced a sharp decline infollowed by a best performing cryptocurrency 2019 in Using data provided by OnChainFXLonghash looked at the digital currencies with the highest market values excluding stablecoins.

Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

The chart below best performing cryptocurrency 2019 their relative performance through the lens of volatility click at this page total returns, as below: The x-axis represents the returns of the digital currency from the beginning of this year to the present as of April 11, The y-axis measures the continue reading volatility, calculated using the standard deviation of that daily price variation, of that digital currency.

The size of each circle represents the market value of the digital currency. We split the digital currencies into four categories: blue for low yield and low volatility, pink for high yield and low best performing cryptocurrency 2019, orange for low best performing cryptocurrency 2019 and high volatilty, and green best performing cryptocurrency 2019 high yield and high volatility.

Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

The price best performing cryptocurrency 2019 XRP dropped by around 3. These kinds of digital currencies are relatively stable, and BTC remains the least volatile.

Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

The worst performers are the orange ones — high volatility, low return minefields. The pink coins are relatively low volatility, high return. Finally, green corresponds to high volatility and high return.

Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

HT, which is issued by the Huobi exchange, is in this category. LTC, which will soon face a halving in block rewards, is also in this area.

Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

When investors choose digital currency in the green area, they should not ignore the risks that may accompany them.

Interestingly, from the perspective of a volatility-to-return ratio, RVN and BNB are the best performing digital currencies this year.

Best performing cryptocurrency 2019

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