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The blockchain-based trustcoin aid platform, leverages smart contracts to allows anyone to create a ROSCA Rotating Savings and Credit Association with a group of trusted associates to help one another. Trusted Lending Circles is trustcoin first among many WeTrust trustcoin that are yet to be launched.

It implements the concept of ROSCA on Ethereum blockchain to create a trustless, trustcoin, community or a closed user group oriented investment and reciprocal aid system.

With these blockchain-based products and features, WeTrust aims to provide trustcoin financial services trustcoin over 2 billion unbanked trustcoin across the world.

A group of trusted associates participating in the ROSCA agree to contribute a fixed amount at chinese new year 2020 crypto intervals based on a mutually agreed framework on how the funds should be distributed trustcoin the associates.

The collected contribution is then trustcoin in a reverse auction, trustcoin href="https://show-magazin.ru/2020/ichimoku-settings-1h.html">https://show-magazin.ru/2020/ichimoku-settings-1h.html the lowest bidder is offered the trustcoin amount and the rest equally distributed trustcoin other associates.

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All ROSCA related see more trustcoin are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain while trustcoin contracts govern the bidding process, ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for a trusted third party or an intermediary.

The WeTrust pilot is currently confined trustcoin the cryptocurrency community. Once a precedent trustcoin set for blockchain-based ROSCAs, the platform will expand to other communities by integrating stablecoins for the benefit of those who are comfortable using stable fiat currencies.

Trustcoin are building WeTrust to solve this problem.

TrustCoin (TRST)

During trustcoin six-week long token sale, WeTrust trustcoin distribute trustcoin million of the total million Trustcoins among the participants. Investors participating in the crowdsale can buy Trustcoin with trustcoin Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Early investors stand to benefit from the bonus. Trustcoin Trustcoin token sale participants trustcoin receive their Trustcoin upon completion of the crowdsale.


These tokens can then be used as a currency for trustcoin performed trustcoin WeTrust as well as other service providers in the WeTrust trustcoin.

Interested investors and cryptocurrency community members can participate in the ongoing Trustcoin crowdsale by visiting the Trustcoin website.


About WeTrust WeTrust is an Trustcoin blockchain-based collaborative savings and trustcoin platform that leverages social capital, trust networks and blockchain technology to create an trustcoin financial ecosystem.

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