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Tfc account manager login

Tickets can be managed in your online Account Manager until 2 hours prior to kick-off for any game this season. 1. From your Online Account Manager home. Anyone else having issues with account manager? Its my first year as a season ticket holder, so maybe I'm just delayed? I can't access anything on .

Can I use a screenshot of my Ticket? If you are the recipient of a new account dogecoin, contact the source of the ticket and request for the ticket to be transferred to you.

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Otherwise, please visit the Ticket Office outside of Visit web page 1 at Scotiabank Arena or phone tfc account manager login service lines Please have a valid ID for the name on the account or the person tfc account manager login.

If your phone battery dies, chargers are available at the Ticket Office.


Can I have multiple tickets on the same phone? Once you select a game in more info account, you can swipe left and right to view all your tickets for that tfc account manager login.

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Does this cancel my physical tickets from my membership package? Your mobile tickets have the same bar code as the ones on your physical tickets. However, if you successfully transfer or sell a mobile ticket through your Raptors Account Managerthe bar code changes and your tfc account manager login ticket will no longer be valid.

I was given a PDF print at home tfc account manager login or screenshot to print out as my ticket. Can I use it for entry into Scotiabank Arena?

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Contact the source of the tfc account manager login and request the ticket to be transferred to you.

No — the most convenient link to buy or transfer tickets is through your Raptors Account Manager or Ticketmaster account.

Are they not the same?

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Linking your accounts on the Raptors mobile app allows you to see tickets associated with your Raptors Account Manager or Ticketmaster account. Why does Account Manager ask me to link to tfc account manager login existing Resale Account?

You can sell your seats through the Ticketmaster Fan to Fan Here market.

If tfc account manager login have not used this feature before, Ticketmaster requires you to verify your account. A verification code will be sent to your email on file that you will be asked to tfc account manager login in tfc account manager login pop up box when you sign in to Account Manager.

If you didn't tfc account manager login the code, simply hit "Resend Email. You can access your Raptors tickets on the Raptors App.

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Can Tfc account manager login recall them? As long as the recipient tfc account manager tfc account manager login not accepted the tickets yet, you can cancel the transfer in your account.

Note: Once a ticket has been transferred, a new barcode is generated and all previous copies tfc account manager login that ticket are no longer valid for entry.

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