- 10.02.2020

Shnd swap

shnd swapwe made the last swap ever and now with maximum supply of 29 billion Our Exchange Platform will trade with other new projects having SHND/SHMN. Manual swap for new SHND can be done already. Please follow our content from today´s news! Next plan is the exchanges. Thanks for the support so far.

Check out the zebco Dock Demon reel!!

Shnd swap

Winner will be announced on our twitter! Tag 3 friends 3. A new shnd swap has just begun!

Crypto StrongHands (SHND) price (USD) live, charts, exchanges by volume, markets

Thanks to all who put souls and faith in this project! Happy trading!

Shnd swap

Shnd swap exchange will be launched! May 12th, is approaching us very soon!

Shnd swap

Coming soon!!! Why not? If so try your luck in the Stronghands charity poker tournament!

Shnd swap

May the best coin win! Shnd swap are still playing shnd swap colors and read more but we shnd swap to show a little of our work so far!!

StrongHands SHND: Token Swap

We may release earlier than 40 days!!! Its all for charity and uts a pleasure to have your shnd swap onboard!!

Shnd swap

Join its FREE! Check them out.

Stronghand Optional SWAP ON 31 MAY

Let's shnd swap again prove how strong our community is by winning this shnd swap The wallet will be disabled on shnd swap 30th of September.

All coins in CoinExchange at this date will be automatically swapped.

Shnd swap

Please deposit or withdraw before this date! Give a follow and make sure to turn on notifications! Tag shnd swap person you would shnd swap with!

Mac Wallet SHND (v124 \u0026 v122)

Prize amount revealed Oct 1st! The start date of the SHND swap! Telegram ONLY bounty!

Shnd swap

Telegram shnd SHND fantasy football league!! Which crypto will prevail!!!!

Shnd swap

Like this tweet, comment your favorite coin name, and retweet. Spread the word!

Shnd swap

Be prepared since exchanges will send you notice about the process, team is working shnd swap hard to make shnd swap smooth and great for you!

Thanks for the support! We ask that all community members remove your coins from the shnd swap onto one of the supported exchanges or to your shnd swap wallet!

We will keep you updated during the event.

Shnd swap

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